Sunday, January 25, 2009

oh no!

Oh ceilings, why can't you just stay where you are above our heads? Is it really that much to ask?

To entertain ourselves while L scraped the leak-causing ice dam off the roof, D and I performed a dramatic reenactment of the water pouring out of our kitchen ceiling yesterday. One of the things we gave D for his second birthday was a giant cardboard box. (I know. Do we not come off as effete eastern liberals? Of course we do.) So the box is folded up at the top non-tape fashion, with all of the left-hand sides of the flaps tucked under all of the right-hand sides of the flaps, and this leaves a small hole in the middle. D passed me a handful of binkies and then went inside the box, where he yelled, "Through the roof! Binkies through the roof!" I pushed the binkies one by one through the hole in the top of the box and listened to them bonk off the top of his head and hit the inside of the box, the whole thing making D totally hysterical with laughter.

So, the day alternated between frustrating (no car, ceiling issue, construction zone in kitchen, D being two years old) and amusing (cat smushing, playing in tents, huge piles of snow and ice falling off the roof, D being two years old.) Probably a little more frustrating than amusing on the whole, but definitely within the bounds of toleration. Especially since L and I both drank two beers rather than our usual one. And I made shrimp pot-stickers, which D even ate.

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