Friday, January 23, 2009

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So, today was the first day of the rest of our lives. D went back to nursery school, which he had missed on Wednesday on account of the Hideously Timed Cold (the details of which I have mercifully spared you), L took the car in for inspection (a.k.a., the sad news about exactly how much we have to pay to get by with this car for another year), and I went to the library to set myself up in a decent writing spot.

The upshot: D had a good morning at school; we must pay a ludicrous amount to the Car Piper (and have also apparently cashed in some karma points -- carma points? Ahahahahahaha -- since a ball-joint is so rusted that we could have had a wheel fall off at any moment); and I found a good place on the 6th floor to write. It's under an excellent loud airvent that simulates the white noise simulator I often use while writing. While D took his nap part of our kitchen ceiling caved in, thanks to the ice dam that's built up on one of the lower eaves of our roof. L was somewhat distraught; I said, eh. We weren't really that keen on the decor here anyway.

For your weekend-starting pleasure, some more Sesame Street.

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