Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This morning was nice - we had all slept well, felt even-tempered, relaxed, happy. It felt like our fever had broken, with the same sense of being a little sweaty and not fully done with the sickness but nonetheless around the turn.

Then L started feeling badly again. It was mostly due to a sore back from shoveling too heartily yesterday afternoon, but of course sometimes our physical and emotional selves are fairly closely linked. Anyway, I'm hoping that the fact that I feel better will help the house. We're like a three-legged race around here with the constant tugging on each other forward and back. When we're in a groove we're pretty speedy, so the trick is to find our way back to that rhythm.

Speaking of in the groove, one must speak of our new president. When he went live, so did his new homepage. The whole past gone, whoosh -- as far as I drilled down on the site were all new pages. The speed of the website transfer does suggest a new competence, a new orderliness. In observance of his Day of Service yesterday I started doing yoga again -- a dozen sets of Sun Salutations. Getting my own house in order before attempting the business of messing with other peoples' lives.

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