Thursday, January 29, 2009


As of today, more or less back to fine.

For a few days there, things were feeling like we were in a little boat heading up against the current, and then a storm came up. Nothing life-threatening, just wet and cold. Cold like water coming out of your ceiling in several rooms sequentially. And then your boat springs a leak. Again, the boat isn't going to sink, but you kind of have to keep bailing in order not to constantly be walking around in an inch of water. Or heavy, wet snow. Or vomit. Or sleeplessness due to toddlers who've had their routines disrupted. Okay, that last one overstretched the metaphor.

Anyway, we got a day off from any new minor crises today. Maybe things are turning around. At minimum, I got two hours of lying in bed in the middle of the day. When you're tired and feeling a little buffeted, there is nothing that beats lying in bed in the middle of the day with a cat on either side of you. Even when they start meowing loudly for no particular reason, or get into a fight right on top of you, or start neurotically and loudly licking a plastic bag because they've just been pushed off the bed by the other cat. Even then, lying in bed in the middle of the day feels like heaven.

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