Monday, February 9, 2009

a nice day

Today was just about everything I imagined when I dreamed about what good could come of L's job situation. D woke up AFTER 6 AM. HOORAY. Okay, there are just not letters large enough to convey the size of that hooray. You'll just have to read them very very loudly in your head. So, anyway, today D woke up at a reasonable hour. I got up with him, we read books and played play-doh for a while, then L got up and took over for the remote-controlled car hour while I went and made breakfast for myself and D. L and D ate their breakfasts while I got going on work. L took D to nursery school, finished fixing our car (hooray!) and then took it to get inspected -- this time successfully -- while I got to continue to work. L picked up D, we all had some lunch together, D went to bed and L picked up the mess left in his workshop from his weekend furniture-building while I, yes, got to continue to work. When D got up, L and D played until almost 5, when I made dinner and then we ate. D got to watch an episode of Blue's Clues, L went to his blacksmithing class, and then I read books with D, gave him a bath, and put him to bed. I was happily productive, L got stuff done and then got to go hit red-hot metal, D had fun at nursery school and played with both of his parents. Awesome.

While we waited for D's bath to fill, we watched a little YouTube. D's favorite for the day was the following They Might Be Giants song:

(Getting into the bath, D observed that he would be seven when he grew up.)

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